Naturemake model of the Hoot of Owls craft kit
Hoot of Owls

Naturemake Hoot of Owls craft kit. Create your own unique owl family using the carefully sourced and foraged natural treasures.

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Naturemake model of their Little Woodland Dwelling
Little Woodland Dwelling

Part of our lovely woodland range that makes you want to up sticks and go and live in the woods!

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Naturemake Tree House Kit model
Mini Treehouse Kit

Design and create a magical mini dwelling out of this box of gorgeous woodland themed materials.

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Imaginary Menagerie Example
Imaginary Menagerie

Create your own gorgeous Imaginary Menagerie with the naturally selected and foraged ingredients in this kit.

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Woodland Treehouse Box Example
Woodland Treehouse Making Box

Product details coming soon

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Woodland Fairyhouse Materials Box
Woodland Fairy House Materials Box

This is a wonderful box full of inspiring materials which is sure to delight its maker! Using your imagination, design and create your own magical woodland dwelling. Hours of fun creating in miniature.

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Woodland Materials Box
Woodland Materials Box

What could I make from this box?
See our Woodland Inspiration Gallery for ideas to get you started.

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Woodland Fairies
Woodland Fairies Making Box

This materials box contains an enticing selection of over 10 natural materials, perfect for making 2 enchanting and magical woodland fairies.

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