Woodland Materials Box
Woodland Materials Box

What could I make from this box?
See our Woodland Inspiration Gallery for ideas to get you started.

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Imaginary Menagerie Example
Imaginary Menagerie

A fabulous treasure trove of more than 20 different and intriguing natural materials, enough for all the family to have a go! Use your own wild imagination to come up with some rare and endangered species! 
 Makes at least … Read More

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Woodland Treehouse Box Example
Woodland Treehouse Making Box

Product details coming soon

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Mini Treehouse Kit
Mini Treehouse Kit

Much awaited and here it is! All the materials needed to make a gorgeous mini treehouse, can’t quite believe it all fits in the little box. Glue gun and glue sticks required.

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Woodland Fairies
Woodland Fairies Making Box

This materials box contains an enticing selection of over 10 natural materials, perfect for making 2 enchanting and magical woodland fairies.

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