What some of our many participants say about their Naturemake experience.

My daughter Alexi and I were delighted to receive a fantastical materials box as a present for her fifth birthday.

Alexi tore open the lid and let her imagination run wild. She made up the design and I helped her with the glue gun.

The many small, carefully thought out natural materials in the box set enabled us to create a truly magical home for any fairy. Alexi loves her fairy house and is always asking if we can make another, She keeps it on a shelf at the end of her bed so that the fairies can play there as she sleeps.

Debbie - South Devon

Effie and Posy were utterly enchanted by their time spent on their NatureMake workshop. They were both given a box consisting of the most exquisite collection of objects from nature that would form the basis of their fairy house. Acorn cups, rose petals, tiny shells, poppy heads. The attention to detail was exceptional. The fairyhouses they produced were the stuff of fairy tales and dreams. Utterly magical. Thank you.

Phoebe - UK

On Sunday 25th of May I went to one of Naomi’s workshop: “Magical dwellings” which is a fantastic and inspiring workshop, based on completely natural little things that you put together creating a lovely and unique fairy house.
During that workshop, another girl was there too and even if we had the same amount of things, our result was completely different and creative in different ways.
Doing it was as exciting as relaxing at the same time. I found it extremely helpful, as I was building my fairy house, for my creativity to come out.
I think this workshop (as the others) is not just for children – they can be inspiring and a real fun for adults too !

Irene - Italy

Thank you Naomi, we had a fabulous time at Naturemake. The girls fairy dwellings are absolutely beautiful, very magical and the girls are delighted with them! I realised Olive, at age 4 sat and focused for over two hours.
I can tell that the workshop really caught their imagination and have made an impression on them. I know their fairy dwellings will be treasured for years.
The kits are wonderful, you do it all beautifully.
Unique, inspirational, very special, thank you. xx

Kate - South Devon

I really like it so much, thank you Naomi. Thank you for inviting us. I really like my fairy house – and that’s it” Olive age 4

Olive - East Portlemouth

” I really like my fairy house, I want to come again – My fairy house is really pretty” Esme age 6

Esme - East Portlemouth

Catherine- we can not thank you enough for making Mia’s 11th birthday party so special. She, and all of her friends, had an amazing time. You managed to keep them all engaged (which is not easy with a group of 10-11 year olds!) and sparked some wonderful imagination within them. They were all so proud of their creations at the end of the party and I have had lots of texts from their parents saying what fun their children had at the party. We will look forward to seeing you again soon at one of your upcoming workshops.

Becky - Cornwall

My daughter had a Nature make party, by post! It was wonderful! Naomi was incredibly helpful and we received a large box, through the post, with everything that we needed for the party. I found it easy to organise and set up. We hired four glue guns, from Nature make, and they worked really well. I sent these back afterwards using a pre paid envelope provided with the party things. The children were completely engrossed in their model making. Thank you!

Kate N - Exeter

Naomi came and did a 2 hour craft session at our home with 6 Grandchildren of varying ages, both boys and girls. She kept them absolutely focused for that time and they made the most amazing creations. Each child was really proud of what they had made, and each little dwelling was very different and they could explain exactly what each part was about and why they had created it in that way. 12 year old Sophie said “I really really really enjoyed the craft day, it was my all time favourite activity because it was fun, exciting, intriguing and creative. I would love to do it again.” Thank you to Naomi, we will treasure the memories of the day and the dwellings will be there as a lasting memory.

Powell-Smith family - Devon