Naturemake model of mini teepee
Adventure Teepee

A gorgeous little Teepee making kit…The perfect miniature hideaway!

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Naturemake craft materials
Naturemake lucky dip!

This box of materials is amazing value!…It’s full to the brim of whatever lovely Naturemake materials we have to hand at the time. Some of the bases may be slightly imperfect, ┬ábut that just adds to the character and magic … Read More

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Model of Little Daisy Summer House
Little Daisy Summer House

A little box of delightful natural materials for the inspired maker to create their own Little Summer Garden House model

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Naturemake Wood Rounds
Mixed Wood Pieces

A lovely bag of mixed wood pieces. This a a great structural kit for those who are keen to forage for their own natural treasures to add all the detail. Its also perfect as an extension kit for anyone who … Read More

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