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Naturemake lucky dip!


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This box of materials is amazing value!…It’s full to the brim of whatever lovely Naturemake materials we have to hand at the time. Some of the bases may be slightly imperfect, ┬ábut that just adds to the character and magic of your creation.

This would be the perfect box for just having a play with, coming up with your own ideas, getting lost in your own imaginative world. It would make either one marvellously big magical dwelling or multiple little ones… you choose.. we wish your hours of happy making!

There are no photos or instructions included in this kit so have a look on this website and on our instagram for a wealth of ideas to get you inspired!

We have found that a glue gun is by far the best way to construct these kits.

The contents in each box may vary to those in the picture, but you are guaranteed to get lots of bases and steps and lots of fabulous Naturemake treasures!