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Christmas Workshop Box


Our long awaited magical Christmas workshop kit!

Have so much festive fun creating this gorgeous Christmas Elf House or use the materials in your own unique way to make whatever Christmas themed models you fancy!

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A new and fabulously festive kit, perfect for a memorable Christmas make at home workshop!

This enchanting kit is certain to bring that special sprinkling of magic to your Christmas time!

Our Christmas workshop box is full to the brim of natural materials and treasures allowing you to enjoy and delight in making all sorts of Christmassy models from its wonderful contents! It’s also a lovely box for sharing ¬†between friends or family members – Make one sumptuous model like the one pictured here or you may like to use the materials to make a number of different Christmas themed models. Just see where your imagination takes you!

Please note:

You will need a glue gun, glue sticks and a pair of secateurs to make this kit.

Each box is unique and the contents may vary slightly in size, shape and colour from the materials shown in the picture. 

Typical Contents:

  • Wood bases
  • Wood slices
  • Wood pieces
  • Assorted seed pods
  • Mixed shells
  • Dried flowers and grasses
  • Preserved Stachys leaf
  • Glass gems/nuggets
  • Moss
  • Lace trim
  • Fabric
  • Assorted preserved leaves
  • Gold leaf skeleton
  • Assorted cones
  • Acorn cups
  • Tiny bell