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Large Seashore Box


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A box full of the loveliest seashore foraged treasures.

Carefully chosen for form and interest. This is the largest in the range of our Seashore boxes and so offers plenty of making potential!

Typical contents

  • Assorted small shells (abalone, limpets, screw shells, cockles…..
  • Assorted tiny shells
  • Holed limpet
  • Tiny smooth broken shell pieces
  • A star fish
  • Placuna shell
  • Sea glass pieces
  • Crushed shell sand
  • Beach gravel
  • Driftwood forms
  • Cut driftwood
  • Pebbles
  • Reeds
  • Assorted string
  • 1x large wood base
  • 1x medium wood base
  • 1x small wood base
  • Artipod

Other interesting finds unique to each box!