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Little Autumn Hut


The little Autumn Hut is one of our seasonal Little Huts – Look out for the Spring, Summer and Winter versions to add to your collection.

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Everything you need to create a beautiful Little Autumn Hut.

A box full of beautiful and intriguing Autumn themed natural foraged wonders, materials that evoke magic and make believe, inspiring the maker to indulge and delight in their creative fantasies!

A glue gun, glue sticks and secateurs are required to put together this beautiful and fun kit.

Please note: Each box is unique and the contents may vary depending on season and availability.

Typical Contents:

  • Small wood base
  • Wood rounds
  • Assorted sticks
  • Mixed dried flowers
  • Seed pods and seeds
  • Fabric
  • Leaves
  • Sycamore key
  • Acorn cups